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Swan M200 Mark II
Powered Speakers


The M200MKII active speaker system is Swans’ classic Hi-end multimedia loudspeaker and an international performance, value, and popularity leader.  It’s been almost a decade since Swans first realized the full potential of computer sound with the classic M200. Originally designed as a compact active monitor, the M200 has gone on to became one of the most noteworthy Hi-end multimedia speakers in the world.

M200MKII is the new generation of classic M200. Swans endowed the M200MKII Professional Multimedia Monitor System with the same premium acoustic design as we did our best Hi-end speakers and added powerful internal amplifier, HiVi poly propylene mid-bass driver, and a 1” soft fabric dome tweeter.

Wood side panels lend style, substance and balance, and the stylish removable black knit grille offers great looks as well. The M200MKII is a speaker perfectly suited for iPhone music system, the desktop gamer or video / audiophile who wants fantastic, full-frequency sound at a great value.

Review extracts:

“The styling and quality of construction is top class and they look like a pair of exotic speakers such as Thiel, but in miniature. The simulated walnut completely fooled me as it looks and feels real. I was expecting something good, but they exceeded my expectations.  Midrange detail was extraordinary.  I listened to Broon’s Bane from Rush Exit: Stage Left from my iPod and the guitar sounded full, rich and natural, with every pluck of the string rendered gloriously, every resonance finding its way to your ears.  Next was Arirang from the New York Philharmonic’s concert in Pyongyang.  The winds wove their beautiful, yet haunting melody and the string instruments sounded rich and natural with textured nuance coming through with every note.  The applause at the beginning of Elton John’s Benny and the Jets sounded real and Bonnie Rait’s voice in I Can’t Make You Love Me sounded simply magnificent, conveying emotion and power. Much like it does on a Thiel, the M200 MKII’s slanted cabinet design does its job to enhance stereo imaging as I experienced a precise, holographic soundstage that seemed like a 1/50th scale version of my Ohm Walsh 5000 speakers. These are a steal at the price . . . one of the best buys in audio.” – Sound Advice

Swan M200 Mark II
Swan HiVi M-200 MkII
Swan HiVi M-200 MkII
Swan HiVi M-200 MkII
Swan HiVi M-200 MkII

Ported walnut veneer cabinet
with black fascia
Acoustically transparent fabric grille
5" Long-throw Mid-Woofer
25mm fabric dome tweeter
Frequency Range : 56Hz - 20kHz
Harmonic Distortion: 80Hz-20kHz≤1%(2.83V/1m)
Nominal Impedance : 5 Ω
Power Handling : 10 - 60W
Amplifier Power rating : 35W per channel,
(70W total)
Crossover point : 1.7kHz (4th order)
Bass Controls ( ±3dB)
Treble Controls: (±3dB)
Separation: > 60dB
Signal-to-noise: > 80dB
Distortion: THD <1% (5Ω 1kHz)
Input Sensitivity: 650mV
Input Impedance: 22KΩ
Size: 192mm (W) × 350mm (H) × 230mm (D)
Weight: 7.8Kg (powered speaker)
6Kg (passive speaker)
12 month UK warranty


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