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Swan D1080 Mark IV
Active Speakers


The D-1080 MKIV improves on the design of the original D1080 and D-1080 MKII delivering a brand new design in appearance and sound. 

The new 2011 model has a black piano lacquered front baffle with flared driver mountings that improve the directivity of near field sound, giving wider dispersion while maintaining peak sound quality. Moreover, D1080 Mark 4 has a diffuse rectangle shaped port to optimize the acoustic intensity, reduce air noise, and enhance low frequency sound.

The D-1080 uses a pro-audio active crossover design that gives a smooth sound across the entire frequency range. The self-powered design enhances the response of the 5.25” mid/woofer, flawlessly replicating the characteristics of the human voice, with low resonance and great dynamics. A HiVi 25mm low distortion soft dome tweeter is used for the high range, producing a sweet natural sound.

Like the Swan M200 series, the D1080MkII08 is a stereo 2.0 system with one active speaker containing both channels of stereo amplification and a slave speaker connected by a length of shotgun bi-wire cable.

Stereo line-level inputs connect the master speaker to any signal source from portable digital music source to gaming system to PC to CD or DVD player. Volume, bass, and treble controls control level and tonal balance, and the system powers up with a simple linecord.

The D1080MkII08 sports powerful 5.25" midwoofers with oversized shielded motors and critically-damped paper-hybrid cones with linear long-throw suspensions. Genuine 1" soft-cloth dome tweeters and conservatively-rated, powerful internal amplification means this is an inexpensive desktop speaker system that doesn't resemble or sound like one.


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Figure 8 AC Lead and Speaker Cable upgrades


“Looking for a set of cost effective desktop speakers to use for my PC listening . . . wasn’t yet completely set on what I wanted, I narrowed it down to the Swan D1080MkII 08’s and the M-Audio AV40's. I decided to purchase both, compare them and send back the loser. After only a few hours of break-in time for each, I initially started my listening session using a Sansa Clip+ as the source. I immediately noticed that the D1080MkII 08’s had a much fuller sound than the AV40’s, and were very smooth and detailed overall. They also had more midbass “punch” and a lower extending bottom end than the AV40’s. There was also noticeably more “micro” detail in the Swans. For example, when listening to a cymbal’s decay, the Swans have a much more realistic sound and feel to them than the M-Audio’s. The AV40's did seem to be just a tad bit edgier in the highs, as well as the treble being a slight bit boosted in comparison. The lower crossover point in the Swans is easily heard particularly in female voices. Generally speaking the earlier one can bring in the tweeter the better. The D1080MkII 08’s are also considerably less directional, in my opinion, as the AV40’s seem to sound their best in the “sweet spot” and less so off axis. The bottom line...the AV40's are pretty good...but the D1080MkII 08’s are quite a bit better. I can see how both of these speakers would benefit from a small sub though, as the bottom most octaves are just not there, but are still very enjoyable to listen to. The Swan D1080MkII 08’s are most definitely worth the little extra money! As an avid audio nut in general and “do-it-yourself” speaker builder, I highly recommend giving them a try; they are very surprising for the money! My wife would have not been real happy if I had spent any more money or I would have gone for the Swan 200Mk III's. If the D1080MkII 08’s are this good I can only imagine what the 200Mk III's are like!” – BB

“Really a great set of speakers. I use them for my computer, just basically as a music set up is about all I use them for and they're running off the onboard sound card so nothing special or outrageous and they are super clear. Not a ton of low end which would be my only complaint but what do you expect. As far as the mids go....WOW they're fantastic so smooth and balanced couldn't be happier with them. The highs are super smooth and crisp and very sharp and acurate without being piercing. They sound great at low levels and also very good at high levels no distortion or anything. And if you do like your music loud they can crank pretty good. I have the onboard volume set at half way and that is MORE than enough. For the price I cant imagine anything being much better.” – BF

“Audio quality from Swans D1080MKII is outstanding, if you are looking for high-fidelity speakers and not wanting to play games or start a nightclub with them. Sound was very clear when played on the reviewed speakers; sound from our mainstream speakers that we used as a reference seemed muffled compared to Swans D1080MKII. When playing some MP3 files we could clearly hear noise and cracks from the original sound source (we had some files that were converted from vinyl records), sounds that weren’t apparent when playing the same files on a mainstream speaker set.” – Hardware Secrets

“OK, I did extensive research trying to find a decent pair of speakers for my home theater set-up without breaking the bank and these fit the bill perfectly. I'll be brief, these sound awesome! Plenty of volume to fill my large living room and the clarity is superb! I am one very happy camper. Don't hesitate, just buy them. They also are the best looking speakers I found. I am very picky about sound & these are excellent. I sent back to other sets of speakers, these are going nowhere. The build quality is also excellent.” – MM

Swans D-1080 Mark II
Swan HiVi D1080
Swans D-1080 Desktop Speakers

Rectangular-ported rosewood veneer cabinet
with flared black piano lacquer fascia
Acoustically transparent fabric grille
5.25" Long-throw Mid-Woofer
25mm fabric dome tweeter
Frequency Range : 59Hz - 20kHz
Harmonic Distortion : 87dB (2.83V/1m)
Nominal Impedance : 4 Ω
Power Handling : 10 - 80W
Amplifier Power rating : 30W per channel,
(60W total)
Crossover point : 1.7kHz (4th order)
Bass Controls ( ±3dB)
Treble Controls: (±3dB)
Separation : > 52dB
Signal-to-noise : >75dB
Distortion : THD<1% (8Ω 1kHz)
Input Sensitivity : 680mV
Input Impedance : 12k
Dimension : 185 × 253 × 254(mm)
Weight : 5.2Kg (powered speaker)
4Kg (passive speaker)
12 month UK warranty


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