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Pop Pulse Super Pro 707
24-bit/192kHz DAC

Though superficially resembling the fag-packet form factor of the KingRex UD-01, the likeness is skin deep: this little SuperPro 707 DAC is built for speed and resolution, featuring Cirrus Logic's CS-8416 receiver chip and their ultra detailed flagship 24bit 192kHz, CS-4398 D/A chip. At half the price of the KingRex DAC, it also represents incredible value.

Via USB, coaxial or optical, the Super Pro delivers a pacy, sparkling sound that belies its tiny size and cost – especially with 24-bit sources. It represent a significant upgrade to the onboard DAC in the KingRex T20U and can be lifted to considerably higher levels of performance with the KingRex PSU or any of our other power supplies. It's also revealing enough to show the differences between digital cables: USB in particular.

This is the perfect first DAC for those whose taste focuses on the rock/pop/electronica wavelength of the musical spectrum. No special USB drivers are required: the SuperPro 707 will work with any computer, regardless of operating system using Windows, Linux or Mac standard USB drivers. If you wish to use Foobar and Asio4All, please see here for information about SuperPro C-Media USB drivers.

Please note that the SuperPro 707 and PCM1796 are optimised for optical; they sound significantly better via toslink input. The DAC comes witha free toslink/toslink cable, but Mac users will need a 3.5mm > optical interconnect. It makes a killer desktop bundle paired with Swan active speakers . . .

SuperPro 707 DAC + Swan D1010 speakers: £199
SuperPro 707 DAC + Swan D1080 speakers: £235
SuperPro 707 DAC + Swan M200 II speakers: £320
Mac-specific optical cable: add £12

Turnkey System (just add computer):
SuperPro 707 DAC + Swan M200 II + Solid Silver RCA interconnects + Desktop Stands: £425


“Right from the off, the SuperPro is impressive – impressive in the amount of fine detail it produces. It's sound is bright and sparkly (but certainly not over so). Detail retrieval is very good and it does that 'layers' thing where you get a very good range of tone. It's musical, and grabs the attention. Sound-stage is large and imaging very clear. In its price range it is easily the best USB DAC that I've heard, clearly out-performing the Trends UD-10 and the Style Audio HDIV.” – TNT Audio

“The Super Pro is fitted with great connection options and hi-fi components . . . Cirrus Logic-manufactured receivers, converters and output circuits.  Cirrus is world-renowned for audio circuitry and provides the innards for Bose, Sony, Harmon and many other respected audio manufacturers. The result of high fidelity components is a clean, unscathed path for the audio signal to reach your amp . . . as a package it beats the SilverStone EB01 in many areas. Actually, the EB01’s only advantage is how stationary it is. At one-eighth the size, the Super Pro has many more connection options as well as the much higher sample rate (the EB01 goes up to 48kHz). Bottom line, the Super Pro sounds great. At $110, it’s a great, small option. I would suggest setting it up and leaving it behind all your stereo components.” –

“I tried 707DAC with an old Toshiba dvd/cd player through its optical route.. music CD output SQ improved so much!” – BN

Super Pro 24 bit USB DAC
Super Pro USB DAC Rear Panel

  • Cirrus Logic 24/192 CS4398
    D>A converter chip
  • Cirrus Logic 24/192 CS8416
    upsampling receiver chip
  • Cirrus Logic CM108 USB receiver running at maximum 16/48: please note that although this DAC will play higher bit rate files over USB without glitches, it is natively 16-bit
  • 24/192 via optical (Toslink), RCA coaxial and I2S digital inputs.
  • 24/96 or 24/192 auto detect
  • 16/44.1 or 16/48 via USB digital input
  • Rhodium-plated RCA/phono outputs.
  • Dual LT1364C op-amp analog output stage.
  • Dimensions: 120 x 25 x 50mm
  • Weight: 400g
  • Comes with UK 12V transformer
    (IEC to 2.1mm DC), USB cable,
    coaxial cable and optical cable.
  • 12 month UK warranty



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