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Audiotrak Prodigy HD2
Special Edition

We've previously been scathing about soundcards: “Don't buy one, the only place for a DAC is outside a PC, abolish PCI for music, etc”. But for this one, we had to make an exception. If you really can't live with an off-board digital to analog converter, this Burson-modified card, distributed in the UK and Europe uniquely by Item Audio, is the only one to have. The Audiotrak Prodigy HD2 in stock form is one of the best sounding cards available for two channel audiophile playback, but the HD2-SE is seriously hot-rodded for uncompromised performance.

The HD2 incorporates many audiophile grade features: a low jitter oscillator, short signal paths, specialised power caps, and a fully differential output stage. It supports 192 kHz at 24-bit, with a sensational dynamic range of 120dB for playback. No other hardware in this price range provides this high level of output quality. The single most intractable problem for soundcards is noise and interference. Audiotrak caims to have resolved this issue completely with their PNK technology (PCI Noise Killer). 

Few external USB DACs in the market can match the Prodigy's attention to detail. However, the Special Edition is an entirely different animal. For starters, the NE5532 op-amps have been replaced with no less than three fully discreet Burson Audio dual opamps – regarded by audiophiles and the recording industry as simply the best alternative to IC opamps.  Their performance significantly surpasses the once popular OPA627. This mod alone pushes the design complexity of the HD2 beyond many audiophile DACs or CD players. Naturally the power supply of the HD2 has also been optimized for the Burson Opamps.
Close inspection revealed that the 'gold RCA connectors' of the standard unit were low grade plated aluminium connectors with poor quality soldering. So out they came in favour of top notch CNC RCA sockets which were more widely spaced to accommodate high quality single ended cables.
Compared to the stock version, the supercharged soundcard projects a much wider soundstage. Mids and highs are fuller and more realistically drawn. Fine detail and subtle intonations can now be heard and analysed at a  micro level. The bass goes deeper and, more importantly, gains control and definition.

The card comes complete with ASIO 2, GSIF and WDM drivers for Windows versions. Please note that Apple Mac drivers are not presently available. We believe it's the finest soundcard a discerning listener can buy, and it's the only one we are likely to offer in the forseeable future.


“I think it's worth every penny. Absolutely fantastic! What a beautiful sound. Thanks!” – JW

“Just to tell you that this card is amazing!!! For the first time the "commercial description" is true! Really better than my Dacmagic or Asus essence ST.” – PYJ

“The card arrived safe'n'SOUND yesterday. After some headscratching i got it to work and decided to immediately throw Glenn Gould's Goldberg Variations as it ... first i let the Swans T200b warm up a bit, and then ... I was prepared for something, but WOOOOOW, i literally fall of my chair when the maestro set in the first notes ... TRUTH IN MUSIC, absolutely stunning, wide open, real, lifelike, dynamic, warm, honest, pure, full, in the air, detailed sound ... in short: tears.

No PC feedback/interference/noise whatsoever, even on silent places with the volume to the max. Also listened both mixes (LP 4049 and KLP 005) of The Congos – Heart Of The Congos and The Upsetters –Super Ape, what can i say, BREATHTAKINGLY COLOSSAL . . . to these classically trained ears this sounds like there isn't anything that can/needs to be improved! Thanks for the super card and of course your valuable advice on the phone.” – RC, Singapore

Audiotrack Prodigy HD2 SoudcardAudiotrack Prodigy HD2 Burson Soundcard

  • Decoder chip: AK4396
  • PCI audio interface based on VIA VT1721 (Envy24HT-S)
  • PCI card supplied with standard and low profile metal bracket
  • 24 bit / 192kHz playback (analog & digital)
  • 24 bit / 96kHz recording
  • 120dB(a) S/N ratio
  • 5Hz - 40kHz frequency response
  • Triple Burson OpAmps
  • Headphone output with 1/8" connector routed via JRC4580 dual OpAmp
  • Upgraded RCA line outputs
  • Analog line input with 1/8" connector via AKM AK5353/7 102dB(a) S/N ratio AD converter (20Hz - 40kHz frequency response)
  • Optical S/PDIF digital output following IEC-958C standard, can be used for stereo audio playback (PCM) and multichannel streams from such sources (AC-3 or DTS data)
  • EWDM driver based on ESI technology for all current Windows Versions
  • 12 month UK warranty



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