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Links and further reading

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> Sources for 24 bit / 96Hz high resolution music

There is a growing number of on-line sources for high quality 24-bit downloads: here's a quick listing . . . if you know of any other sites offering similar recordings, please let us know.

Acusense | Classical 24/96 recordings
2L: Lindberg Lyd (Norway) | Primarily classical repertoire | Approximately $18 per album
Gimmell Records (UK) | Token selection of 24/48 files available as WAVs or FLACs from 99p
HD Tracks (US) | Wide selection of Chesky recordings available as 24bit FLACs from $2.49
iTrax (US) | 24/96 PCM files | Tracks from $1.99
Linn Records (UK) | Studio Master 24/96 files available as FLACs (use Max for iTunes conversion) | Tracks from 89p
Naim Label | Increasing number of 24/88.2 WAV files available from £17.99 per album
Reference Recordings | 24 bit / 176.4kHz master recordings available on data DVD

> Instructive and (fairly) impartial web resources

Audiocom | Mods, mods, mods.
Audiogon | International bargain hunters unite
Computer Audiophile
| Chris Connaker's site for all things PC and hi-fi
DIY Audio | The web's most comprehensive forum for audiophile hackers and tweakers
HiFi Wigwam | UK-based discussion forum: good classifieds.
Pink Fish Media | Audio forum
Stereophile | Self-appointed 'definitive' arbiter of all matters audio. Often a good read.
TNT Audio Reviews | The most widely read audio equipment review site online, published in several langauges
Zero Gain | International forum: lots of Tripath-related discussion, among much else