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KingRex T20U SE
Amplifier / DAC

The stock T20U is just about the cheapest way to get your digital/analog conversion off-board where it belongs. The DAC section shares many components with the KingRex UD-01 but obviously doesn't compete acoustically with the dedicated unit.

If you intend to take advantage of the T20U's USB input for DAC conversion, we now offer a significant upgrade that unleashes the potential of this one-box solution.

Just as our unique Special Edition of the UD-01 DAC greatly improves all areas of its performance – detail retrieval, soundstage scale and accuracy, and timing – so the T20U SE upgrade transforms the T20U's DAC into a much more satisfying musical device that brings the DAC section close to the level of a stock UD-01, without requiring a two-box DAC/ amp.

Please note that this Special Edition makes no modification to amplification components.

  • TRIPATH power module TA2020-20
  • 0.03% THD+N@10W 4Ω
    0.1% THD+N@12W 4Ω
    0.18% IHF-IM@1W 4Ω
  • Power output: 22W @4Ω
    10%THD+N, VDD=13.5V
    13W @ 8Ω
    10% THD+N, VDD=13.5V
  • Efficiency:
    88% @12W 8Ω
    81% @20W 4Ω
  • Dynamic Range: 99dB
  • Over current and over temperature protection.
  • Gold RCA and SP terminals.
  • 6mm thick aluminium faceplate and aluminium volume control.
  • Noble potentiometer.
  • Single USB input.
  • DAC: Burr-Brown PCB2702E.
    Low pass filter: twin Burr-Brown OPA627
    DC Servo: twin Burr-Brown OPA627
  • Comes with UK switching transformer / power lead.
  • 12 month UK warranty

KingRex T20-U tripath amplifier front
KingRex T20-U tripath amplifier rear panel

  • Dimensions: 180 x 140 x 45mm
  • Weight: 2.1kg


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