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KingRex PSU II


Machined with a 6mm aluminium faceplate and dimensions perfectly matching the T20U and Preamps, this high-spec little beauty is also just the ticket for any Tripath amplifier or DAC requiring 12V DC input. Many report that it also works wonders with Acoustic Revive's RR-77 Schumann pulse generator gadget-du-jour.

Featuring a 48VA toroidal transformer coupled to a full fledged regulatory circuit with eight audio grade Nippon Chemicon aluminum electrolytic capacitors: (five 2200uF at AC input stage and three 4700uF at DC output stage), the KingRex PSU has abundant reserves to meet the demand when low frequency transients draw on high-current voltage.

To quote the 6moons website review of the T20U: “When the PSUs were added to the pot, musicality thickened. There was more warm air filling up a more expansive soundstage. Bass got deeper and the midrange turned proportionally more pronounced to make the overall harmonics even richer. There were just thin layers of air cushions surrounding the instruments, making the fortissimos more polished and suave and the music more euphonious to the ears. The PSUs seem to filter out so-called digital garbage and turn the KingRex T20 into a quasi tube amp.”

Or as the August 2007 edition of Hi-Fi World magazine put it: “The upgrade PSU . . . improved things by quite a decent margin. A proper image appeared with depth, a good scale and nice sense of atmosphere.”

TNT Audio were similarly impressed: “Some upgrades take time to create a positive impression; others you don't realize have made much of an improvement until you take them out of your system . . . thankfully the PSU is a no-brainer. The improvement wrought by changing from the Skynet 8080 to the PSU was profound . . . there was more of everything; bass went deeper, soundstaging and depth was improved, greater delicacy and clarity and so forth. Most importantly, musical involvement was now on a par with my Gainclone.”

In our tests, we've found comparable benefits using the PSU with other Tripath amplifiers, and particularly with compact, simple DACs like the SuperPro USB, DIY Paradise Monica series and of course the KingRex UD-01. It's no exaggeration to say that these DC-powered DACs are completely transformed by the magic of the PSU.

Bundle prices are available when purchasing the Power Supply Unit with the T20U amplifier or UD-01 DAC.

    KingRex Power Supply Unit
    KingRex 12V Power Supply Rear
    KingRex 12V PSU Internal
    • 110-240V input
    • 12V, 9V or 5V DC output
    • 48VA toroidal transformer
    • Nippon Chemicon electrolytic capacitors
    • Upgraded Furukawa OCC wiring
    • Upgraded XLR output connector
    • Comes with UK spec IEC lead and 30cm Switchcraft 2.3mm DC patch lead.
    • 12 month UK warranty
    • Dimensions: 180mm x 140mm x 45mm
    • Weight: 1900g

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