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KingRex Tripath Amplifiers & USB DACs

KingRex T20 Amplifier   KingRex T20U USB DAC and Amplifier   KingRex T20U Special Edition

KingRex' well crafted little amplifiers are all based on the Tripath 2020 chipset, from which they have extracted an uncommonly mellifluous 'analog-analogous' sound. See the relevant product pages for reviews and further details . . .

Power Supplies

12V Switch Mode Power Supply   Item Audio Linear Regulated Power Supply   KingRex PSU Mark 1   KingRex PSU Mark 2   KingRex Sealed Lead Acid Battery Power Supply

Running super-efficiently on a trickle of DC, all Tripath amps are nonetheless very sensitive to the quality of the power supply. All T20s ship with a free switch-mode power brick, but major gains are available by upgrading the PSU: expect much-improved dynamics and a 30% bigger soundstage for starters. Check this page for further details > . . . KingRex' own PSUs are exemplary and perfectly match the appearance of the T20 range. Or for those with smaller budgets, we have made available a dual output 12.8V PSU that offers many of the benefits of the KingRex PSU at little more than a third of the price. Click pictures for further details . . . .

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Is there any difference between the T20 and T20U apart from the DAC?
A. Not since 2009, when the T20 was last upgraded.

Q. Does the SE version of the T20U make much of a difference?
A. Our modification to the T20U leaves all the amplifier components untouched and focuses solely on improving the DAC stage: something of a bottleneck in the standard T20U: if you're using analog inputs, it will sound just the same; if you're using the USB input for on-board digital conversion, it improves the digital-to-analog conversion radically, to the point where it's on par with the standard UD-01, without the need for the extra box.

Q. What if I want to upgrade the T20 further? I'm quite handy with a soldering iron . . .
A. Tempting, isn't it? If you want to mod the T2020 boards in the KingRex, we recommend starting with the T20. As long as you understand that you're invalidating the warranty the moment you open the case, all the T20s can be stretched significantly with strategic parts upgrades. See web for details . . .


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