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JohnBlue ST-100
Super Tweeters

JohnBlue Audio's exclusively developed Aluminium/Magnesium alloy supertweeter with a Neodymium magnet.

Frequency range: 3k–40k Hz (98dB Sensitivity)

The JohnBlue ST100 Super Tweeter is a miniature high frequency driver housed in a custom casing, designed to be positioned on top of, and drawing its input signal from existing speakers. It will transform any sound system setup and enhances the overall sonic quality and frequency of the speakers that it is paired with.

All models are stand-alone units with toggle ON/OFF user selectable options to ensure perfect synergy with the speakers to be paired, Each JB Super tweeter has 3 sets of switches to fine tune the operating frequency bands and output level, providing maximum flexibility to match all Speaker types for a immediate, direct upgrade of acoustic performance.

The Super tweeter comes with specific crossover and frequency control settings, with frequency cut off points at 14 kHz and 17 kHz. Depending on the genre of music and type of speakers, the three sets of switches can be toggled ON and OFF in eight different combinations (2 at 14 kHz and 6 at 17 kHz), effectively tuning the crossover point to suit host speaker characteristics.

Unlike conventional super tweeters, the JB super tweeter does not use VR for controlling output volume to minimize distortion and coloration. Instead, like the famed Tannoy ST-200 Super tweeter, a proprietary crossover network is selected for the SPL output control, each pair of Super tweeter is precision matched to ensure all output SPL and high frequency volume of are balanced.

"Music" as opposed to sound, consists of transient, albeit micro details and rich harmonics that are beyond human hearing range for pure tones. Bass notes, for instance, contain leading edge transients nearing 30 kHz. The JB Super tweeter comes into the picture between the roll-off point of the high frequency unit of one’s existing loudspeakers and 43 kHz, with pinpoint accurate reproduction of the leading edge of individual notes, enabling the listener to be enveloped by the entire bandwidth information of instruments.

The JB Super Tweeter is designed to extend the frequency response by two octaves to aid correcting time and phase response within the bandwidth of normal human hearing. When operating beyond the range of human hearing adds, the net effect is a realistic soundstage as a result of improved imaging and instrument location

The JB super Tweeter enhances the three-dimensional soundstage, space, timing and accuracy. Compulsory reading for supertweeter skeptics can be found in reviews by Enjoy the Music, and 6 Moons and Positive Feedback.

“Exquisite . . . The supertweeters are beautifully and very substantially built. The supertweeter added sparkle – not just the odd 'ting' as you might expect, but a feeling of more energy in a broad swathe of the treble. I was strongly reminded of my first experiences with a really good subwoofer capable of infrasound. Though the supertweeter was boosting audible frequencies no more than with CD, now the ultrasound was getting a big lift. And just as with a sub the single biggest difference was the effect on the atmosphere and ambience of the sound. Yes, as with CD the detail level and bringing forward of percussive sounds was there, but on vinyl another level of hi-fidelity was grafted on . . . the better the recording the more satisfying the effect of the supertweeter.” - Geoff Husband, TNT Audio

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  JohnBlue SuperTweeter SPL vs Freq 1  JohnBlue SuperTweeter SPL vs Freq 2

Key Features:

  • Internally wired with high purity copper.
  • Neodymium magnet system to extend frequency response and educe eddy current losses within voice coil.
  • Hard anodized aluminum sphere to eliminate diffraction from housing coupled with a copper induction core ring with spiral winding for enhanced output power minimal signal loss and maximum frequency extension.
  • Gold plated connectors and omitting VR for controlling output volume ensures optimal signal transparency and coherency – specially designed to augment high resolution signal sources such as SACD/DVDA allowing speakers paired with to realistically reproduce the entire spectrum of the extended frequency bandwidth
  • Comes with two dedicated phono/RCA braided interconnects.
  • 12 month UK warranty


  • Cone dimensions: 16mm
  • Cone material: Al + Mg Alloy
  • Nominal impedance: 8 ohms
  • Nominal Power Handling: 40W
  • Program Power Handling: 60W
  • Sensitivity: 98 ±3 dB
  • Free Air Resonance: 3000Hz
  • Frequency Range 3kHz – 40kHz
  • Weight: 830g

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