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Ex-Demonstration & Used Bargains





Audiolab 1000P pre-amplifier (ex-demonstration) | £175

Six inputs and four outputs. Class A line amplifier and unusual neutrality at this price: £395 new. The low price is due to a small servo glitch: on start-up, the volume control notches up 6db and down 6db on power down. This doesn't impair its functionality or performance in any other way. Finished in silver and boxed. | > email to buy


Cambridge Azur 540R A/V 5.1 amplifier (used) | £95

Details TBA | > email to buy

KingRex QS1 Stereo Power Amp (new) | £495

Details TBA | > email to buy

Monarchy Audio SE100 Mk II Monoblocks (new, each) | £495

Details TBA.| > email to buy


Adam S3x-H (ex-demonstration) | £3,495

Now available: complete with three year warranty. Pristine, boxed and sounding fabulous.| > email to buy

AudioEngine P4 (black, ex-demo) | £169

Cracking little passive speakers, just one hour old and sold with full warranty. Boxed, as new. | > email to buy

Focal CMS-50 (ex-demonstration) | £595

As new, boxed, and with full warranty. Handful of hours use only.| > email to buy

Glastonbury Townshend II + Mods + Dedicated Stands (used) | £895

Legendary Glastonbury speakers featuring new drivers, Bybee devices, and matching stands. Unbelievable value for money. | > email to buy

Yamaha NS1000-M (used) | £795

Details TBA.| > email to buy

Usher S520 (ex-demonstration) | £315

As new, boxed S520 with full warranty. Two hours use only. | > email to buy

Usher Be718 'Tiny Dancer' (second stock)| £999

This pair of the legendary Beryllium tweeter Usher Be718 is absolutely as new, unplayed, with a full warranty. The only imperfection is a hairline scratch on the underside (base) of one speaker: completely invisible in use. Snap up a great bargain . . . > email to buy

Wharfedale LoudPanel NXT subwoofer and flat panel speakers | £50

New, unused pair of Wharfedale flat panels measuring 50x55cm and matching subwoofer.| > email to buy


Sony JBS-930 (used) | £65

Details TBA.| > email to buy

Monarchy Audio NM24 DAC (ex demonstration) | £995

Details TBA.| > email to buy

KingRex UD-01 USB DAC (ex-demonstration) | £95

Details TBA.| > email to buy

Pop Pulse PCM 1796 24/192 Special Edition | £195

The best £200 DAC money can buy, upgraded with OPA627 op-amps, case dampening and Stillpoints ERS fabric. USB, coaxial and optical inputs. Very uncommon in favouring its optical input. Item is boxed and wrapped, but sold as used because of absent CE certification. | > email to buy

NuForce HDP DAC/Preamp (new) | £295

Details TBA.| > email to buy

Antelope Zodiac + (ex-demonstration) | £1,595

Details TBA.| > email to buy

Wadia 151 PowerDAC mini (new) | £995

Details TBA.| > email to buy

Asus Xonar XT PCIe modified Soundcard with SuperClock 4 | £195

Details TBA.| > email to buy


1m Xindak BC-01 XLR/XLR Stereo Analog Interconnects (new) | £39

Superbly built and musical cable with silver Neutrik connectors, boxed, new. Particularly suited to bright, solid state systems. | > email to buy

1m Audusa XLR/XLR Stereo Analog Interconnects (new) | £69

High end cable at low-end price, hand-made by Audusa. Complete with wooden presentation box. | > email to buy

1m LAT IC-100 XLR/XLR (new) | £129

The baby of the finest-sounding range of cables we've heard. Stellar information retrieval. | > email to buy

2.5m Verastarr Silver Reference XLR/XLR (ex-demo) | £395

Benchmark transparency for . Retails for $1324 + VAT (£925) | > email to buy

1m Monarchy Audio DR-1 Coaxial (new) | £125

Silver /teflon coated high end interconnect. Click clink for full construction details.Hand-crafted in the USA. Retails for $239 + VAT (£170 | > email to buy

Wireworld Starlight Gold 0.5m Coaxial SPDIF Digital cable| £195

Details TBA.| > email to buy

Pass Labs XLR > XLR (2m) (ex-demonstration) | £TBA

Details TBA.| > email to buy

Nordost White Lightning Optical interconnect (ex-demonstration) | £TBA

Details TBA.| > email to buy


AOpen 275W PC Power Supply (new) | £6.95

Details TBA.| > email to buy

Vertex Jaya Mains Conditioner Block (ex-demonstration) | £TBA

Details TBA.| > email to buy

Origen S21T PC Case with inbuilt 12.5" Touchscreen (ex-demonstration) | £TBA

Details TBA.| > email to buy

NVidia 8500gt Video Card (ex-demonstration) | £TBA

Details TBA.| > email to buy

AMD 4770 Video Card (ex-demonstration) | £TBA

Details TBA.| > email to buy

Micromega Logic CD Player | £95

Micromega Logic CD PlayerQuite how Micromega extracted such fluid, dynamic and natural sounding performance form this unassuming looking box remains a mystery. It was never cheap, though: retailing at £750 twenty years ago. Again, this is a one-owner model in good condition with some minor scratches on the box top surface. | > email



Gallo Strada (ex-demonstration) | £SOLD

Wyred 4 Sound STP-SE (ex-demonstration) | £1399 [SOLD]

1m W+M Audio Silver/Gold XLR/XLR (ex-demo) | £49 | SOLD

AudioEngine AS8 Subwoofer (ex-demo) | £195 | SOLD

The Ultimate iPod Dock: Audiocom Level V modified 170i | £695 | SOLD

Monarchy Audio DIP Combo (ex demonstration) | £195 | SOLD

Gallo Reference 3.5 (ex-demonstration) | £SOLD

SPL Volume 2 (ex-demonstration) | £195 | SOLD

Sony JSB-920 (used)| £45 | SOLD

Quad 21 L Floorstanding Speakers in Maple | £250

Mint condition, pampered Series I Quad floorstanders: extremely detailed and naturally musical, considered by many to be more accuurate than the Series II versions and the dual woofer 22's. Come complete with covers and original boxes. | > email to buy

Audio Nirvana Standard 8-inch Full Range Drivers (pair) | £69 (or Super 8: £89)

These are as-new items, not yet run in, but already modified with several beneficial tweaks: felt damping has been added to the magnet and inside surface of the basket spokes; damping has been added to the junction of the magnet and basket, and an extra grounding wire has been added. They're all ready to put in a box with a single wire run to an amp for the best, cheapest, simplest hi-fi speaker around, with a magnificently fast and dynamic midrange making vocal and acoustic music really special. | > email to buy

1m Xindak FD-1 Coaxial (new) | £45

Superbly-made entry-level cable, built (and sounding) like an audiophile classic. Great value.| > email to buy

1.5m Verastarr Silver Reference RCA/RCA (ex-demo) | £350

Silver over copper hand-crafted, high end cables from Georgia, USA. Silver connectors and pure silver solder throughout. Retails for $899 + VAT (£630) | > email to buy

Focal Beryllium 1027 Be Speakers (ex-demo) | £2,395

Superb high-end floorstanders (£4200 new) massively reduced, with only 50 hours mileage. Complete with box and in perfect condition.| > email to buy

Ys Audio A1 Dual Mono Valve Preamp | £475 [SOLD]

Brand new Ys Audio A1 valve preamp usually retailing at £600: beautifully made and wonderfully smooth and dynamic valve preamp hand-assembled in Hong Kong (see here for details . . . ) One only display model at this price. Pristine condition and not yet run-in. Complete with original box and manuals. | > email to buy

Linn Majik Series I (modified) | £235 [SOLD]

Classic original Majik I integrated amplifier with upgraded low-ESR 15000mf Mundorf Black capacitors and Schottky diode conversion. Classic Linn sound, with significantly improved resolution and clout.| > email to bu

[sold]: BT Mains Conditioner MCU 5A/500 | £45

Mint condition industrial grade mains conditioner manufactured by British Telecom. This is the 2A model with twin single three-pin outlet sockets. Weighs 5kg.| > email to buy

[sold]: Assembled Monica 3 USB NOS DAC | £145 (now sold out)

Assembled and tested BRAND NEW DIY Paradise non-oversampling USB DACs completed with the matching Monica 3 gain stage and a cute case with DC in and gold RCA outputs. Tucked into that tiny little case is Yeo's latest and greatest 'Enhanced USB Monica module' with Black Gate capacitors and Rudolf Broertjes' IV stage which, combined on the same board, currently retails at £109 + VAT, import duty, handling charges and postage for the PCB alone. So, you either cough up north of £160 and build it yourself, or snap up one this one I made earlier at just £145. Free postage in the UK. Comes with USB cable and power supply. Ready either to rock or roll . . . | > Click for pictures

Winsome Labs 'Mouse' Tripath Amplifier | £180 [SOLD]

Winsome Labs Mouse Tripath Amplifier50W (4Ω) of Tripath magic in a tiny package, complete with the ALPS Blue pot upgrade. Hand made in the USA and very rarely seen outside its native habitat (VAT + import duty + shipping make these babies close to £340 in the UK). Typical Tripath sound, but with more muscular lower registers and greater authority with harder-to-drive speakers. Superb condition. Review here > | > email

Musical Fidelity A1 Mark III Amplifier | £175 [SOLD]

Musical Fidelity A1Though rogue samples of this Class A amplifier have earned it a reputation for unreliability, there's never been any doubt that the original A1 is capable of stunning performance. This is a one-owner specimen that has spent much of its life in careful storage and therefore still sounds as good as new. No crackly inputs, no glitchy pots, no overheating problems: just great music.

Northstar 192 24-bit DAC | £995 [SOLD]

Superb Italian-designed 24/192 digital-analog converter usually retailing at €1300. One only at this price: boxed and as-new, with full warranty.

1m Xindak FD Gold Coaxial (ex-demo) | £150 [SOLD]

Xindak's 'money no object' range-topping digital cable. Hard to better. Typically retails for £200+ (inc VAT). One cable only at this price, including leather presentation box.

1m LAT DI-30 with LAT (not Eichmann) connectors (new) | £85 [SOLD]

Deep cryo-treated top-of-the-line LAT digital cable. Retails for £100

1m LAT IC300 Signature XLR/XLR (new) | £250 [SOLD]

The grandaddy of the finest-sounding range of cables we've heard. There is very literally no point spending more on a cable than this . . .

1m Analysis Plus Solo Crystal Oval XLR/XLR (ex-demo) | £250 [SOLD]

. . . unless you want a pair of these. The reviews are right: this is among the finest cables money can buy.

6m Piranha/Neutrik XLR/XLR Interconnect (new) | £19 [SOLD]

High quality shielded balanced cable with Neutrik connectors.

StereoKnight Silverstone B&R balanced preamp | £1795 [SOLD]

Wyred 4 Sound ST-250 stereo power amplifier (ex-demonstration) | £695 [SOLD]