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Digital Audio Transports


Choose your flavour: Windows, Linux or Apple Mac. Choose the best digital output for your DAC: USB, Firewire, Coaxial, Optical, S/PDIF, or AES/EBU. Choose standalone or network operation. Choose a keyboard, mouse and monitor or a single smartphone or tablet app. You can even choose an on-board soundcard for one-box Digital-to-Analog conversion. However you play, these transports are highly optimised for computer audio - all featuring linear and/or battery power supplies, silent operation, ultra-fast solid-state drives, bespoke shielding and absorption, custom SATA and DC cables, our unique power supply architecture, pre-configured software and operating system tuning and matched digital cables. They are simply the best sounding computers anywhere near the price. And don't forget to check out our transport + DAC bundles.

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The Cinema PC

It's a computer. It's a BluRay home theatre player. It's an AV preamp with TrueHD decoding. It rips. It surfs. It streams. It decodes. It emails, tweets and outperforms a DAB player. It even plays music. And bundled with studio-grade active speakers, it sounds stunning.

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