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Visit the all-new web store for information about a bigger and better range of the UK's most innovative digital audio products – many of which are available on free home loan . . . .

We're the UK's leading computer audio specialist.If you're thinking about retiring your CD player but don't know the difference between a streamer and a server, we can help. We've assisted hundreds of customers join the new era of high-resolution downloads and unbundled media - from ultra low budget to ultra high-end. Our free guides explain everything you need to know. Read more >

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“I will also like you to know that Item Audio does an amazing job with the try before buy approach and it is very likely that if I go for a off the shelf computer based solution, that I will get it from you for the customer service and the no nonsense approach alone.”

“I would like to thank you for your flexibility, it’s quite unique these days to find dealers who care about ensuring customers are satisfied. I will consider your company in the future and recommend it to friends”

“Thanks for the loan of the speakers. It has been really useful in helping me to identify exactly what I 'm looking for!”

“impressions [of the Mac Mini AP Edition[ thus far (about 50 hours of breaking-in) are very positive. It clearly is a big improvement over the MacBook Pro (2008) that it replaces.”

What we say . . .

The CD is dead: for ambience, iPods, smartphones and streamers rock; for audiophiles, computers rule. We're evangelical about the potential of the PC as a worthy source for high-end systems. We're also on a mission to improve the life of the person chained to a workstation with high-end near-field systems delivering studio-quality music while you work.

We audition hundreds of products a year, sifting synergistic components from snake-oil, and only sell products we believe to be the best at the price. We're serious about fun.

We believe that digital done right is a world apart from the compressed, jittery, unnatural sound that a generation of MP3-fatigued music lovers have grown up with. We're convinced that on a budget there's nothing to touch Tripath amplification: fabulous sounding and kind to the environment. We know that even USB and power cables matter, but we promise never to flog you something more expensive than you need and we actively encourage all manner of informed DIY experimentation with reams of free advice and links to further reading.

Whatever your poison, regardless of the depth of your pockets, we'll have something to make your PC sing.

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Coming soon . . . a new digital audio forum with special emphasis on computer sources: already online . . .

Build your own audio PC

Our original computer audio 'recipes' (often copied, never bettered) have been freely available to DIY computer builders since 2008. Now in its third generation for 2013, the new 'T1' is the highest-spec, most transparent entry-level computer available. Anyone with a basic IT knowledge can build it for just £429. Read more >

Netbook and Mac modifications

Simple, low-cost netbooks make great audio computers. Our free guides explain in detail how to make them better. We also offer the world's most advanced Mac Mini modification, given 5-Globes in the May 2012 edition of HiFi World. Read More >

The most versatile server/streamer is:

A bewildering number of proprietary digital transports has emerged onto the market in the last five years. Some, like the Squeezebox, were cheap and cheerful. Others are staggeringly expensive, but what do they all actually do? This simple comparison chart explains . . .
As you'l notice, some do many useful things, but the only one that does everything is the humble mult-purpose 'desktop' computer.

Although proprietary Linn, Naim and Aurender 'servers' lock you into a closed system and are typically costly, they have one major advantage over the common PC: they are built from the ground-up to be electrically clean and use audio-grade components throughout. By c ontrast, the average computer is a major source of high-frequency noise that makes it very poorly suited to attachment to an audio system.

Our pre-built T-Series transports and P-Series Players combine the limitless versatility of a regular computer with much of the know-how that goes into high-end proprietary transports. Unlike almost any other transport, they are optimised specifically for use with USB DACs and feature linear power supplies and galvanic isolation options, even on the entry-level T1 at £429.

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